Organically grown for you.

“Healthy soil equals healthy food equals healthy people.” – J.I. Rodale, 1947

The natural goodness of a pecan doesn’t need a lot of help to be delicious and nutritious.  Our organic farming practices coupled with the fertile Rio Grande Valley’s high-desert climate produces delicious, sweet pecans without the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  We grow pecans the way Mother Nature has grown them for millennia.

Del Valle Pecans was first certified organic in 1994, one of only two such pecan orchards in New Mexico at the time. Our family has been working ever since to promote the organic farming practices that have now been adopted by other like-minded pecan growers throughout the valley. This network of small, organic orchards is proud to offer fresh, healthy, and wholesome certified organic pecans under the Del Valle Pecan brand.

Our family heritage of organic farming practices continues to this day. Del Valle’s pecans are good food, good for the earth, and good for you.