Why Organic?


When walking through our orchards, you will notice several differences from a conventional pecan orchard.  Our orchard floor is covered with a beautiful carpet of green grass.  These grasses grow naturally, creating a living mulch that shields the soil from the sun, provides a rich habitat for beneficial insects, and adds organic matter to the soil.  Because we don’t use insecticides, our tree canopy supports a huge diversity of beneficial insects including several kinds of ladybugs, lacewings, wasps, spiders, ants, butterflies and beetles. These beneficial insects all play a role in controlling pests such as aphids.  Lastly, our soil stays put.  We use minimal tillage to keep our soil healthy, build organic matter, and sequester carbon from the atmosphere.  Our healthy soil supports the microbes that feed our trees and allows us to avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers.

While these organic practices are at the heart of our farm, it is important that our customers can verify and trust in what we do.  For that reason, our farm and the other small farms we buy from are inspected at least annually as part of our organic certification.  This independent, third-party inspection by our certifier gives you confidence that we are meeting, and usually exceeding, the USDA’s National Organic Program standards.