Spring is for Cute Babies

If I were a farmer who raised sheep or goats or cows or even chickens, my Facebook and blog would be full of cute baby animal pictures. I love baby animal pictures and confess to looking at my fair share of cute animals when I need a quick pick-me-up.  But we grow trees.  Trees don’t have quite the same cute factor as baby animals and they look pretty similar to one another for the most part.  I do have a few favorites and occasionally I will spot one or two that cause me worry and need some extra attention.  But it’s not quite the same as a newborn lamb. I don’t want my trees and their current babies to feel left out though.  So I give you baby pecans.  These are the tiny little nutlets, yep that’s the technical term, that with a little luck will grow into this year’s crop of pecans.  With some water and no summer hail storms, in a few months, these little guys will be ready for your pies, salads and snacking.